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Research & Analysis

At CAA, we specialize in performing all sorts of data analysis and research in aviation.

Roadmap planning

We deliver specially designed solutions requested by Airline Operators of all sizes. Our clients vary from Low Cost to Flag Carriers, and you can grow together with CAA’s Airline Suite. From one to hundreds of aircraft, we can offer both on-site and hosted solutions to ensure fast implementation and high customer satisfaction.

Execute & Monitor

Driving system improvements focused on security, optimization, and sustainability for commercial customers.


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Aviation and aerospace executives trust the CAA Aviation Consultancy team to deliver the objective, data-driven insight and guidance required to inform their business strategies, allocate capital, prioritize resources, and manage risk.

Market Potential Analysis

Clients benefit from our perspective on relevant industry trends and an in-depth assessment of the market characteristics and competitive situation at specific airports.

Traffic Forecasting

Our econometric traffic forecasting models and bottom-up scenario planning consider airline strategies, fleet plans, and other market factors.

Capacity and Demand Analysis

CAA translates the results of our infrastructure analysis and traffic forecasts into a consolidated model to identify potential bottlenecks and required capacity expansions in the future.

Investment Program Definition

Infrastructure forecasting, including identification and evaluation of development options, and projection of maintenance and expansion, forms a core part of CAA’s advisory service.


Air Services Development

Supporting best-in-class route development practices at airports, CAA supports the initiation of proactive marketing measures with pre-selected airline clients to ensure sustained air traffic growth.

Airport Services Development

Our business planning for aviation activities and services includes ground handling, cargo terminal operations, aviation fuel supply, and airport security.

Non-Aeronautical Revenues

CAA supports the development of individual business plans for key non-aeronautical activities including retail, car parking, lounges, and advertising.



In support of achieving operational improvements, Alton provides analysis of productivity and operational efficiency, process optimization, asset management, and identification of cost reduction initiatives.

Evaluation investments

CAA’s experienced team helps clients review the existing airport technology landscape, conducting gap analysis with leading practices, and providing procurement strategy and implementation roadmap.

Aviation Management

CAA Aviation Consultancy team delivers the objective, Airport operations, aviation economics, aviation law, safety management systems, Air traffic controllers play a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient aircraft operations.

Air Freight Cargo Solution

The CAA Aviation Consultancy team refers to a range of services and strategies aimed at optimizing the transportation of goods via air. These solutions are designed to address various challenges and requirements associated with air freight logistics, ensuring efficient, reliable, and cost-effective cargo transportation. 

Runway Inspection and Maintenance

Runway Capacity and Scheduling.

Runway Markings and Lighting.

Runway Incursion Prevention.

Runway Safety Areas (RSA).

Runway Contamination Management.

Runway Emergency Response.

Aviation Economics

Airline Economics.

Air Travel Demand.

Airport Economics.

Air Transport Policy and Regulation.

Economic Impact of Aviation.

Environmental Economics.

Aviation safety management systems

Safety Policy and Objectives.

Safety Risk Management.

Safety Assurance.

Safety Promotion.

Safety Reporting and Investigation.

Safety Management System Documentation.

Regulatory Compliance.


Airport Management

Terminal Operations.

Airside Operations.

Security and Safety.

Passenger Services.

Ground Handling.

Airport Facilities and Infrastructure.

Aviation Cargo Solution systems

Freight Forwarding Services.

Express Services. 

Consolidation Services.

Route Optimization.

Supply Chain Integration.



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